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What are the criteria for the characterization of sham litigation?

Anna Binotto, Frederico Haddad, Ticiana Lima and Vitor Jardim Barbosa 

What are the takeaways on state-owned enterprise responsibility and Cade’s jurisdiction in the financial market from the payroll loans case? 

    Vicente Bagnoli

MAP: is ‘minimum advertised price’ allowed under the Brazilian antitrust law?

    Luiza Kharmandayan and Priscila Brolio Gonçalves 

Are territorial restrictions a violation to the Brazilian antitrust law?

     Murilo Machado Sampaio Ferraz 

What are the main differences between vertical restraints and vertical integration?

    Marcos Lima 

Antitrust discrimination: where are we and what are the envisioned challenges for the future?

    Gabriela da Costa Carvalho Forsman and Lucas Griebeler da Motta 

Refusal to deal: what are the negative effects in vertical markets?

     Leonardo Vieira Arruda Achtschin 

Is selective distribution legal under Brazilian competition law?

      José Carlos Berardo and Pedro H. R. Cini

How does the Brazilian antitrust authority understand the standard and burden of proof on unilateral conducts investigations?

      João Ricardo Oliveira Munhoz, Renan Cruvinel de Oliveira and Victor Santos Rufino  

How can economic analysis help assessing issues related to foreclose and conglomerate effects?

      Débora Mazetto and Fabiana Tito  

What are the antitrust challenges faced by the payment industry?

       Denise Junqueira and Maria Eduarda Scott 

Is there a special treatment for unilateral conducts’ cases in regulated sectors?

      André Santos Ferraz and Cristiane Landerdahl de Albuquerque 

Are there standards to determine whether innovation is predatory?

       Ademir Antonio Pereira Júnior, José Del Chiaro Ferreira da Rosa and Luiz Felipe 

How has Cade judged cases involving the digital economy?

      Anna Olimpia de Moura Leite,  Bernardo Gouthier Macedo, Gabriel Silva Takahashi and Silvia Fagá de Almeida 

What are the recent developments regarding criminal investigations of cartel in Brazil?

      Rodrigo Dall’Acqua 

What rights do defendants have in antitrust investigations in Brazil?

      Mariana Villela,  Rodrigo Santos and Vinícius Cardoso  

How the governments may interfere to promote the unfair competition among companies through tax incentives and special tax regimes?

       Fábio Nieves Barreira,  Henrique Santos Raupp and Thiago Marini

What is the statute of limitations for anticompetitive conducts investigations by Cade?

       Paulo Leonardo Casagrande, Ana Paula Paschoalini and Caroline Guyt França 

Is “compliance credit” available to companies found liable for anticompetitive behavior in Brazil?

       Felipe Cardoso Pereira, Francisco Ribeiro Todorov and Lorena Leite Nisiyama 

Which difficulties (if any) does Cade face to carry out expert opinions and on-site inspections?

      Barbara Luvizotto and Mauro Grinberg 

What is Cade’s case law in big data cases?

      Joyce Midori Honda and Marília Cruz Avila 

What is Cade’s position on gun jumping?

      Isabela Maiolino  

Can unlawful tax practices affect competition?

      Gustavo Madi Rezende and Paulo Adania Lopes 

Antitrust investigations and competition compliance programs: how do they interplay?

       Guilherme Teno Castilho Misale, Julia Raquel Haddad,  Leda Batista da Silva Diôgo de Lima, and  Luis Claudio Nagalli Guedes de Camargo  

Per se or rule of reason: how does CADE review conduct cases in Brazil?

       Fabricio A. Cardim de Almeida 

What is Cade’s experience with consultation/query procedures related to anticompetitive practices?

         Enrico Spini Romanielo, Vinicius da Silva Ribeiro and Yasmine Nemer Hajar 

What has already been done by the Brazilian competition authorities in terms of competition assessment to avoid anticompetitive conducts?

         Elvino de Carvalho Mendonça and Rachel Pinheiro de Andrade Mendonça 

Is parallel importation a violation of the Brazilian antitrust law?

         Ana Cristina von Gusseck Kleindienst 

What are the lessons from the ANFAPE case?

         Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto  

How does the relation between antitrust and intellectual property work in Brazil?

        Ana Frazão and Angelo Gamba Prata de Carvalho  

What are the requirements for signing the settlement agreement (TCC)?

        Ana Luise Solon Sabatier and Ricardo Leal de Moraes 

Are the criminal and civil consequences of executing leniency and settlement agreements with Cade?

        Bruno Almeida Silva,  Ricardo Lara Gaillard and Thales de Melo e Lemos 

To what extent can resolution cade n. 21/2018 influence the negotiation of leniency and settlement agreements at Cade?

        Eduardo Molan Gaban,  Fernanda Dalla Valle Martino, Fernanda Duarte Calmon Carvalho  and Natali de Vicente Santos 

Leniency policy and practice: what are the grey zones?

     Jackson de Freitas Ferreira, Marcelo Calliari, Rodrigo Almeida Edington and Tatiana Lins Cruz 

Leniency plus: what are the key topics?

       Eduardo Caminati Anders, Jessica Olivieri, Marcio C. S. Bueno and Roberto Potter 

What are the leniency application requirements?

       Ricardo Inglez de Souza 

What are the criteria for calculating fines in cartel cases?

       Caio Machado Filho,  Marina Antunes Maciel Sertã and Pedro Paulo Salles Cristofaro  

Does the exchange of sensitive information amount to an antitrust infringement?

         Michelle Marques Machado and Stephanie Scandiuzzi

Are no-poaching agreements among employers an antitrust violation in Brazil?

         Carolina Destailleur G. B. Bueno, José Rubens Battazza Iasbech, Leonardo Peres da Rocha Silva and Marcos Pajolla Garrido  

What are the criminal effects of the leniency agreement settled with the Brazilian antitrust authority?

        Gabriel Ursi, Rodrigo Mudrovitsch and Sofia Campelo  

How does Cade deal with sharing of evidence with other authorities?

        Adriana Giannini and Lígia Melo Renata Arcoverde 

Does the Brazilian antitrust authority investigate conducts carried abroad?

        Fernanda Nemer, Gabriela Monteiro and Leonardo Duarte Thaiane Abreu 

What are the criteria for the characterization of hub-and-spoke conspiracies in Brazil?

        Daniel Douek, Felipe Pelussi and Ricardo Pastore

Collaboration agreements among competitors: when can they raise antitrust concern?

         Fabiana Nitta, Graziella Angela Tinari Dell’Osa and Sonia Marques Döbler 

Cade’s statute of limitation for conducting cartel investigations against companies in brazil: 5 or 12 years period?

         Tiago Cortez, Marcelo Laplane, Danilo Orenga and  Maria Wagner 

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